Vision/Mission Statement


The Summit Estates at Fischer SEAF POA (Maintenance Board of Directors) Candidates envision a desirable place that we’re all proud to call home. A well-maintained, friendly, safe, caring, and respectful community, cooperating with each other to uphold and grow the value of our properties and our neighborhood relationships.


The mission of the SEAF POA Board of Directors is to preserve and enhance the property of our subdivision by maintaining the common ground areas, and upholding our Covenants, By-Laws, Deed Restrictions, and Policies; Serving the Community by taking a fair, ethical and objective approach in representing the interest of all Property Owners. The Summit Estates at Fischer subdivision will be maintained as a safe, friendly, and enjoyable place to live for each Homeowner family. We strive to provide ethical and fiscally responsible solutions, promote a sense of community, enhance property values, and create a plan for the future.


In fulfilling our mission and achieving our vision, we value honesty, fairness, equity, efficiency, transparency, common sense, participation, respect, cooperation, and neighborliness in all our actions.

Guiding Principles for the SEAF POA Board of Directors
• Take a fair, ethical and objective approach in representing the interest of all homeowners.
• Communicate with homeowners in a timely manner through appropriate mediums.
• Conduct business with transparency, providing regular financial statements, meeting agendas and minutes to the homeowners.
• To implement responsible decisions regarding the use of funds and assets belonging to the Association.
• Shall abide by any and all applicable laws and regulations of the state of Texas relating to Covenants, By Laws, Restrictions and policies of the SEAF POA.
• Protect and enhance the value of our neighborhood by maintaining all common areas.
• Treat every issue which comes before the Board with respect.
• Work with residents in a professional and ethical manner, responding in a timely manner to requests that are presented respectfully and appropriately.
• Enable opportunities for community activities and committees, promoting a neighborly subdivision that works together for the good of all.